A responsible company

Effei represents a tribute to cultures around the world and the magnificent diversity of the territories that populate our planet. An inspiration shaped in responsible production, based on respect for people and the environment and the guidelines of the Program of Action signed by the UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.

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Goal 10

The transparency of the supply chain is guaranteed by the use of natural fabrics and dyes made by the various communities of local artisans through a collaborative relationship that includes absolute respect for the prices they indicate. Direct contact with representatives of the organizations of the various territories is a guarantor of the transparency and traceability of the processes, in terms of social and environmental responsibility.

wearing cultures

Goal 12

Preference is given to the use of natural and/or organically grown fabrics, guaranteed by international certifications (GOTS; OEKO TEXT; FAIR WEAR; PETA APPROVED VEGAN). We design the EFFEI collection in our laboratory in Latina, which is certified and made according to current regulations, while we rely on an artisan workshop in the province for the tailoring of individual garments.

wearing cultures

How we get to you

The packaging, made in collaboration with a young Italian and women-run company, involves the use of biodegradable materials or materials derived from reuse and recycling, water-based colors, and vegetable glues. The labels are made of recycled polyester, the boxes are made of recycled and recyclable cardboard, and the cotton package bags are reusable. Each package is wrapped in recyclable kraft paper and fixed with an adhesive tape that activates on contact with water and is entirely biodegradable.

wearing cultures

Packaging tip

The tags are made of recycled and seedable paper. It is not necessary to throw them away, but divide them into smaller pieces of paper, sow them, water them and wait to see the flowers come to life. That one of the “thank you” card inside the package is instead entirely made from citrus waste.

wearing cultures

holistic approach

We believe in a holistic approach to sustainability and every step of our production is optimized in order to reduce waste and environmental impact in the fashion industry.