Uluru – painting as a form of communication

It would be impossible to leave the Australian continent without having come across at least once one of those souvenirs decorated with the famous dot art.

For Australian Aboriginal, the painting is a form of writing and communication with the world the outside and with the transcendental one of spirits, in a close connection with the natural world and the “dots art” is the most popular example of Aboriginal painting.

It was originally used in drawings on sand, then transported on canvas and characterized by those complex geometric arrangements of points of different colors. The tools used to be sticks or fingers; water and ocher or other natural dyes, resins or kangaroo’s blood.

The main protagonist were cultural expressions, Aboriginal mythology or portraits of local natural phenomena, such as the one portrayed by Tanya Price, author of the painting celebrated by our Uluru garments. Tanya comes from a well-known family of artists in Utopia, Northern Territory and more precisely Alice Springs. The region is famous for the lack of annual rainfall, but even more so for the scenery of lush colorful wildflowers that you can witness in winter, immediately after small rainfall.

It is with the technique of dots art that Tanya has decided to represent one of the most evocative natural shows of its territory. Points that represent stars, flowers and sparks symbolizing the connection of the earth with the ancestral world.

Uluru then becomes a spokesman for a tradition born at least 40 thousand years ago.