Our showroom between curiosity and sustainable design.

When we talk about sustainable brand we can easily think of alternative fabrics, certifications, dyes and processing, but often a sustainable approach is adopted at every corporate level and offices and workspaces are no exception.

We want to tell you about how we made our space as responsible as possible and leave you with some tips to be saved for when you need to spruce up your environment but with that extra touch of responsibility.

Effei lab is an open space just outside the city center in which the showroom, lounge, office and production areas have been recreated. The idea from the beginning was to create a space in line with the brand’s values. Sustainability, craftsmanship, travel, design.

The choice of furniture could only fall on vintage pieces, some reinterpreted with a modern twist, others original 1960s (Have you seen our new vintage capsule yet?).

But what most characterizes the design of our lab is the furniture made entirely from recycled wooden pallets. The lounge area, production, showroom, wood was definitely the most used material, customizing each piece according to our needs and giving a second life to material otherwise destined to be thrown away.

Then completing the decor were climbing plants, used to divide our workspaces, and that wanderlust touch so that we can call it the Effei lab. Memories of travel, souvenirs, maps and a globe.

Handmade furniture is definitely a fun and responsible way for a makeover of your spaces, but if time and manual dexterity are not on our side we want to leave you with some tips for conscious choices


“We are specialists in offering perfect gift ideas for travel and adventure lovers. They are not products, but a way of life.”


“We at Hannun work to transform this production model based on fast furniture and to support a sustainable, ecological and environmentally friendly model.”

Editorial Team