Being sustainable

“Being sustainable was not a choice.”
Our interview on @myjourney_responsibletravel
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MJ: What drove you to work on this project?

A: After an experience abroad I decided to create something related to the continuous desire to explore new things, to meet new people and cultures, specially in a world where globalization is a strength and weakness at the same time. To travel is the key to the future and Effei is a wanderlust soul who loves diversity and loves celebrate them.

MJ: Why did you choose to realize your t-shirt in a sustainable way?

A: Being a “sustainable brand” was not a choice. When Effei was born, the choice to prefer organic cotton or recycled packaging to be as sustainable as possibile was spontaneous. Effei’s mission is a social sustainability, creating a society capable of overcoming all diversity. It would be impossibile to imagine a social sustainability without the environmental one.
Being sustainable means being aware of our actions and to create a new brand is an action that needs awarenesses.

MJ: What it means for you to be a conscious traveler?

A: To travel means to explore our world, what would it be if we continued to destroy it?
Even if in the last years traveling is more comfortable and easy thanks to all this technologies, it is important to not forget the authentic aim of travel, that one for which you will get the opportunity to be in contact with places, people form all over the world.
A conscious traveler is a conscious person who love travel, and love exploring our world respecting it.

Aurora Circelli – Founder Effei

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